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C’est la rentrée !!! et nous ne venons pas les mains vides mais avec une interview et podcast d’une artiste aux multiples facettes originaire de Colombie. ORientée Techno & dark Techno en solo ou en collaboration avec d’autres artistes Magdalena est aussi manageuse de son propre label Broken Mind Recordings.

Ce podcast aux beats intenses et sombres est à découvrir absolument tout comme l’autre side de Magdalena et de son projet en solo. - II sides for every story -

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Welcome, could you present yourself in a few words to our public ?

Hi, I’m Magdalena… « Soy una descarada y toco techno con huevos » in English… « I’m shameless and I play techno with balls » that’s what they say.

I’m from Colombia, I’m a dj, sing, compose, produce and I also run a label called Broken Mind Recordings.

How would you define your musical style?

I have two different musical sides.

One is based in beats that is my dj side, is mainly techno with a lot of industrial influences from the UK, but I don’t like to limit myself to just one type of music, I take elements from all that I like, vocals, melodies, sounds and that way create an atmosphere, tell a story and make it yours, play with the music, cause at the end that’s what I am… a disk jockey.

And the other side is the music that comes from the guts, all these feelings, experiences, transformed into music and lyrics. The style could be defined as Electronic Trip Hop.
In this side, I compose, sing, produce and perform on my own and is called Magdalena Solo Project.

What is your background/training ?

I’ve always been surrounded by music, my grand father was a musician, I sang at the school chorus, then for my 15th birthday I asked for a drum set and played drums at a punk band. 11 years ago I went to my first rave and decided that I wanted to be a dj.
I took lessons, I learned all the basic stuff at a place called Dj School, and then continued on my own.

Meanwhile I had a electro pop band called « Syntetic Side »,  formed an audiovisual project with Vendimia Ft called Alice In…, also was the front woman of a post punk band called Telequinetics.

When you create, what type of process do you follow?

I don’t know when it starts.. I can’t sit in front of my computer and say: « ok let’s make a track », is different, it just hits me so it is literally a « kick start ».

From then it depends, if it is for my Solo Project it flows more easy, it is like I can’t stop, I start with two notes on the keyboard, the I add elements, beats, atmospheres, sounds, guitars, and compose the lyrics or look into my notebooks and make lyrics out of my thoughts.


If we are talking about techno it doesn’t flow so easy, for me stills a little hard to produce something that I’m completely happy about, but usually ideas come from outside, I see something or listen to something in the street and start to make a track out of it in my head and then go to the computer, open my DAW and try to develop these ideas.

Do you work in collaboration with other people?

Yes, more cause I sing, I receive requests for my voice very often.

I have work with Cates&DPL (USA), Billy Johnston (USA), Oxfor Fuckin Squirrels (Italy),  Wollows (Colombia), Alex Jockey (Colombia), Obando & Figueroa (Colombia), Richie (Colombia), 69 Nombres (Colombia) and more.

Right now I’m working on a collaboration with Pinion (USA) for a release on my label.

What is your favorite playlist right now?

Since I started playing with vinyls, I have that thing about giving a track the time and life that it deserves. With all this digital era, you get promos every day and to be honest is hard to be update with what’s new, plus I always have feel a deep love for old tracks or those ones that become your classics…

So right now some of the tracks that I love to play most, are:

(No particular order)

 & MEKAS – Focus & PERC – Junior Greaser

What’s next for you Magdalena?

To finally move back to vinyls 100% I’m on the process, quite hard one but I was missing the feeling about it, so why not.

Two more vinyls on my label, including my first ep on vinyl.

And as for the Solo Project, make a proper album soon, and sign with a label from Mexico that seems to be really interested in my music.

Which other electronic music females artists do you follow?

A girl from Colombia that lives in Barcelona, Adriana Lopez, I really admire her as an artist and her career. And when I was starting as a dj, Misstress Barbara, and more when I read somewhere about her and there it said that she used to play drums when she was a teenager, so that made me feel identified.

And also Dj Skirt, Dj Shiva, Ellen Allien…

From which other females artists / In other artistic field / do you feel close and why?

Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Karin Dreijer Andersson (The Knife, Fever Ray), Cocorosie as performers and singers are like a role model for me.

What is your motto?

« Dream is destiny », a phrase of one of my favorite movies Waking Life and I even have it tattooed on my body.

What can we wish you for 2014?

Not long ago the year was starting, now we are closer to NYE, well for 2014, in the process of going to Europe to study, but is not 100% sure yet, if this comes out it will be almost a 180degrees turn in my life.

Apart from that there are two collaborations in process one with Krischmann & Klingenberg and other one that I prefer to keep for myself while we work on it.

A video for Piano Sheets one of my Solo Project songs.

Do you have a piece of advice for girls who wish to start a career into music or any artistic field?

Make things with love, not to follow a trend or a guy, even if you love the guy, make what you believe in, follow your dreams.

And cause at the end this is a business, never go against your principles or compromise your music.

Thank you Magdalena !








Interview by Alice Cornélus