Jamaica Suk // Découverte au gré de mes pérégrinations sonores Jamaica Suk est une productrice & Dj basée à Berlin. Ses racines sont coréennes son enfance en Californie. Ingénieure du son & musicienne Jamaica Suk vit sa vie artistique à Berlin avec la Techno comme repaire!

C’est en écoutant Embers son premier EP sorti sur le label Coal que nos oreilles et notre épiderme a été séduit par cette Techno bien deep à souhait, chimérique et narrative.
Alors on a voulu en savoir plus sur Jamaica Suk…Et voilà 27ème Interview 23ème exclusive podcast.

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WMN! Exclusive mix ♬ Jamaica Suk ♬ Berlin / San Francisco by Wmn! on Mixcloud

Welcome Jamaica, could you present yourself in a few words to our public ?

Hello !! My name is Jamaica and I’m a Musician, DJ, and Audio Engineer. Hailing from San Francisco, CA and currently living in Berlin.

How would you define your musical style?

Deep, driving, hypnotic. Bass driven with light atmospheres and melodies.

What is your background/training ?

I have a Jazz background and started with the piano and flute, and moved on to the Bass Guitar. I played for my school’s Jazz Ensemble and Symphony and then a few bands in Northern California. I went to school for Audio Engineering/Post Production in San Francisco.

You have released your EP – Embers – few months ago , how do you create ? what type of process do you follow?

For Embers, I had a very abstract approach with my process. I had about 8 sketches laid out for this release and ended up finalizing 3 of them. Each sketch was an experimentation with sound design and rhythm. I was trying to sculpt different percussive hooks for each sketch, and then write a storyline to outline each hook. You can hear this is « Mine the Spice, » and « Embers & Smoke. » After the sound design process, where I fine tune all of the sounds, I move onto the arrangement and then final mix downs.

Do you work in collaboration with other people?

Yes! I love collaborating with others, it’s always nice to see everyone’s unique interpretation. I have experience recording as a session bass player for a few artists. I also have a side project with Tim Xavier called JSTX.

What is your favorite playlist right now?

Terrence Dixon – From the Far Future Pt 2

What’s next for you ?

I’m putting the final touches on a new EP that will be released this summer. Look for it on wax as well! I’m also building my solo catalogue and continuing to define my sound each and every day.

Which other electronic music females artists do you follow?

There are so many talented female artists out there. To name a few.. Sonja Moonear, Margaret Dygas, Maayan Nidam, Steffi, Virginia, Rebekah, Aurora Halal.

From which other females artists / In other artistic field / do you feel close and why?

I am very happy to be friends with Qzen, Sylvie Foret, JPhlip and C.Love.

What is your motto?

desire, ask, believe, receive.

What can we wish you for 2014?

A few more releases under my belt, a solid catalogue of new material, a live set, and a vinyl only release from JSTX.

Do you have a piece of advice for girls who wish to start a career into music or any artistic field?

Do what your heart tells you. Stay strong to what moves you and never, ever downplay your intuition.

Merci Jamaica Suk !!!!















http://www.mixcloud.com/jamaicasuk/jamaica-­‐suk-­‐voodoo-­‐caravan-­‐promo-­‐ mix-­‐2014/ https://soundcloud.com/jamaicasuk/jamaica-­‐suk-­‐dark-­‐is-­‐the-­‐night