Rohmi // Rohmi a 3 amours Paris, New York & la Musique. Dj et à la tête du label RA+RE Records le jour, Rohmi a ses nuits aussi belles que ses jours !
Initiatrice du premier label français consacré aux artistes femmes évoluant dans les musiques électroniques, Rohmi et ses 2 complices veulent faire la part belle aux productrices et démontrer que les femmes sont dans la place !… tout comme WMN!

Pour fêter comme il se doit le lancement du label Rohmi, Claire & Jessie vous convient à la Launch Party – infos ci-dessous -

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RA+RE Records Launch Party /Samedi 28 juin @Badaboum/Paris -
/Julie Marghilano/ Valeria Croft/Dasha Redkina / Rohmi /

D’ailleurs vous pouvez gagner des places en cliquant ici 

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Rohmi en interview et en podcast c’est tout l’été et en anglais s’il-vous-plaît !

Elle nous offre un podcast réalisé pour son label… une belle manière d’en découvrir la direction artistique et la qualité de ses Djs sets !


Welcome Rohmi, could you present yourself in a few words to our public?

I grew up in Paris, where I discovered my passion for the electronic music and my interest in the scene in the 2000’s.
I have a business, marketing and communication background (nothing to do with music haha).
I moved to New York and it is there that all became obvious.

This city has such an amazing vibe, and push yourself to do what really makes sense. Meeting people learning about music and discovering new genres, very different from the european scene !

Being in New York and working for Sheik ‘N’ Beik, music collective, record label and party organization brought me a lot of opportunities : moving around, meeting people… It gave me the absolute certainty that my life will be about music. I travelled around for a bit more than a year, Ibiza, Berlin… and now back to Paris with a lot of new projects !

When did you start Dj-ing & how would you describe your style?

I started Djying when I was living in New York thanks to my amazing friends that got me all the gear for my birthday 2 years ago…
My friend and founder of the parties Agree2disagree (underground warehouse parties in Brooklyn) then ask me to become a resident DJ for his parties, this where it all started ! Combined to my work at Sheik ‘N’ Beik, that made me part of their team, and gave me oppotunities to play along them in New York and when touring in Ibiza the past summer.

My style is a combination of deep house-deep tech and dub and sexy minimal. Raw beats and melodies… Afterhours music!

What are your 5 favorite labels?

There are so many good record labels; it’s hard to name only five!

I absolutely feel like I have to talk about this new find that I can’t get out of my head, Lize Records that has two amazing releases out, Playful Science another very promising new record label, Pleasure Zone, Love Letters from Oslo, Sol Asylum, Amphia, Birdsmakingmachine

You have launched your own label RA+RE, could you tell us more about it?

I launched RA+RE Records (pronounced « rare ») with my two friends Claire and Jessie, it’s a female only record label. The first EP will be out June 30th, and for the occasion we are throwing a party at Badaboum, a club in Paris on Saturday 28th, with our RA+RE Records artist Valeria Croft performing live, Julie Marghilano the remixer of the EP and as a guest Dasha Redkina. I’ll be opening the celebrations.

Can’t wait for this night of good music with only ladies on the stage !

Which female artists inspire you?

Maayan Nidam, Margaret Dygas, Sonja Moonear and tINI ! amazing girls playing dope music and that have a good vibe !

What’s next for you Rohmi?

The growth of RA+RE Records, spreading the concept, gathering women together and developping their sensibility and creativity in the industry. And for me, to continue playing and traveling :)


Thank you Rohmi !


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