Barbara Preisinger // Pour cette  dernière interview, reprise en septembre, WMN! a le plaisir de vous présenter l’artiste Barbara Preisinger Dj + Label owner Slices of Life + organisatrice des soirées DeepInTheBox à Berlin et activiste dans l’écosystème électronique depuis 1996 !

Une interview au coin du feu avec Barbara qui nous raconte ses 18 ans d’amour et de passion pour la musique électronique/ Elle nous fait également l’honneur de son dernier live mix enregistré @T-Room Sessions, Prince Charles, Berlin april11th 2014 #ooohyeah 

Barbara Preisinger / Recorded at T-Room Sessions, Prince Charles, Berlin april11th 2014 by Wmn! on Mixcloud

Hello Barbara & Welcome, could you present yourself in a few words to our public ?

I started dj-ing in 1996 in my hometown Munich at the the green flokati room of the « ultraschall » club. That time I was going out to techno- and house parties every weekend, but I was dj-ing all kinds of experimental electronic music from ambient to broken beats. 1998 I moved to Berlin, working as a freelance press and radio promoter for electronic music, 1999 until 2010 Stefan Betke aka Pole and me were running our label ˜scape, which was an open platform for the productions of Kit Clayton, Jan Jelinek, Deadbeat, Pole amongst many others.

Over the years my dj sets developed continuously to House and deep Techno and I got the chance to play on various parties and festivals all around the globe.

Mid / end of the 2000´s I started to do own little house events in Berlin, 2008 / 2009 I was hosting the DEEPERSTILL parties together with Daniel Bell, followed by the still existing DEEP IN THE BOX events. In 2009 I opened up my own house label SLICES OF LIFE.

How would you define your musical style?

Kicking house, loopy deep house and deep techno.

What is your background/training ?

I played piano and saxophone until my teenage years. From 17 years old on I was visiting uncountable indi, punkrock and EBM concerts and events until the early nineties before I fully dived into the techno and electronic music scene. From 95 to 98 I worked for the Disko B label in Munich, which was a very important experience.

Later on through ˜scape I was having the chance to meet various artists from different music scenes, from all over the world, but when I started to play music for the dancefloor in the early 2000´s, the Berlin House and Techno scene was very influential for me, as well as friends like Zip, Daniel Bell, John Tejada – among many others.

Nowadays I still love got go out and get inspired by various live and dj sets.

You have launched Slices of life in 2009, could you tell us something about your label and its projects ?

I wanted to create a platform for tracks that I also would love to play in my dj sets. So far I found my artists through personal and friend connections which kept things pretty family style, Stefan Betke was experimenting with straight beats around 2008, so his music became SOL1 in 2009. Through scape I met Mike Huckaby from Detroit.

In 2008 he produced this amazing Sistol-Remix for Halo Cyan Records which was not released on vinyl. I couldn´t believe this and licensed the remix. Mike did another great Pole remix and so I had SOL2.

Through Daniel Bell I met Baaz, a very talented young house producer from south of Germany who produced two 12inches for my label so far. The Mole´s music, I was following from his very early releases on and I´m very happy that his 12inch from 2012 won´t be the last one on Slices Of Life.

More infos and link to sounds:

Do you work in collaboration with other people?

Since i´m not producing music my collaborations are happening with Promoters, labels and dj´s, very often in connection to events.

What is your favorite playlist right now?

Of course there is a constant coming and going of old and new records in my record box. In terms of more recently released records here some favorites in may:

Mood 2 Swing « Do It your way » (Groove On)
Dorisburg « Devotion » (Aniara)
DJ T1000 – the congnoscenti (Third Ear)
Project01 – That´s Right (nsyde009)
Eddie C « Ess Oh Ess » (Common Edits)
6th Boroughs Project « Back 2 Black-Cuthead Remix »
Blue Hour « Don´t speak » (Blue Hour)
Lawson/ Carl Finlow/ Tuccillo « Kings » (Lost in Time)
U-More « Outset » (U-More)
S.O.S. 5 « Zero Tolerance » (Clone Records)

More recent favourites you will hear in my podcast.

What’s next for you ?

Playing DJ gigs and looking for new artists and releases for SLICES OF LIFE.

Which other electronic music females artists do you follow?

Gudrun Gut, Elie Verveine, Tama Sumo, Esther Duijin, Miss Fitz, Vera, Daniela La Luz, Dana Ruh, Julietta, Rebekah Aff, Uta….

What is your motto?

Stay Curious!

What can we wish you for 2014?

More great music and more demos by female producers for Slices Of Life.

Do you have a piece of advice for girls who wish to start a career into music or any artistic field?

Do what you really love to do, do in what you believe in and don´t be afraid to do it. Work hard for it and team up with other people, girls and boys. !

Merci Barbara !

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